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Xanthi Music Productions, home to Studio X Mastering, offers complete recording and music production services, and online mastering.


All multi-track recording and editing is done digitally using Avid ProTools as our main platform. Project frequency formatting is your choice. For specific discerning tastes seeking a classic analog sound we also feature recording to 24-track 2" reel to reel tape using our vintage 3M Mincom tape deck. Clients with projects of 10GB in capacity of raw data or more must provide a firewire or USB v2 drive with at least 20GB available storage for the duration of the project.


Fully synchronized song and midi production with arranging is available. We use MOTU Digital Performer, ProTools or Logic software for sequencing (Reason also available). Per song price rates also available, and will include a demo mix of your song.


In some cases the music would be better suited using the organic approach of recording live instruments, or even a hybrid of both real and electronic instrumentation, like many of the recordings out today. Whether it's rock, jazz or something in between, we have access to a vast resource of musicians, as needed - available for your session by request.

Recording, Mixing And Mastering

We offer the following:

Multitrack recording 

Song/Album Mixing

Stem Mastering

Song Production

Song Arranging

Media Transfers

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