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SoundBlade HD Mastering Software
Waves Platinum Bundle

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple Mac Pro

Apple iMac

Apogee Rosetta A/D Converter

Focusrite Scarlett A/D - D/A Converter

Coleman Audio Passive Surround Monitor Controller

Avalon AD2044 Class A Stereo Tube Compressor

Avalon AD2055 Class A Stereo Tube Equalizer

Symetrix SE-400 Stereo Parametric Equalizer

Chameleon Labs 7720 Stereo Compressor

Art Pro VLA Stereo Tube Compressor

TC Electronic Mastering Finalizer

Alesis ML9600 Master Disc Recorder

Dorrough Stereo Master Meter

JBL LSR 308 Bi-Amp Powered Speakers

JBL LSR 305 Bi-Amp Powered Speakers

B & W M305 Speakers

​Harman Kardon Power Amp

​​​Studio X 


CD mixing and mastering, mastering for the web, and digital downloads

Analog to Digital Mastering

1) Fill out the email form on the right for submission and payment information explaining how to send your tracks.

2) Respond to the email as directed and get your mastered tracks with a quick turnaround.

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To have your tracks mastered through real analog gear in two easy steps:

​Analog to Digital Audio Mastering And Mixing


  • "Hjarta" Before Mastering3:16
  • "Hjarta" Mastered3:14